Processing in black and white: a short video guide

For many of my images, I choose black and white over colour. Why is this my preference? Well, I'm not exactly sure. It may be because I'm colour blind and see red and green differently to other people, or it may because I love the way a detailed and high contrast black and white photo can look. When I shoot film of course, I have no choice. I process my own black and white film so colour is not even an option. Given no choice, it's actually amazing how little I miss the option of colour, I don't see it as an issue at all. 

So for that reason, I have put together a couple of videos which shows the processes I go through for converting a colour RAW file to black and white. There is nothing new here, it has all been done before, but here is my take. I hope you can see how simple it really is and I hope it shows that the real skill is in taking a good photo in the first place. 

The first video covers a simple conversion, whilst the second builds on that to go one stage further. Enjoy.