A picture of the everyday

Through the many types of photography that I have tried, I have come to realise what I like to photograph. Yes, I enjoying the spectacular, the views, the sunsets and the holiday photographs but I realised that the photographs I really like are those that blend an artistic style with a moment that means something to me. 

I enjoy street photography, but the photographs that mean the most, the ones I hope to still be looking at in 50 years are those that say something meaningful about my life. When I started out in photography, I was either taking snaps of family, or taking my 'artistic' shots of something else. It was as though my real photography could never have been of a subject close to me because it was too normal and not special. 

What I'm trying to now is blend the two. I see no reason why my best shots have to be in London or New York, or with beautiful buildings in the background. Why not take my best photos around the house? 

This photo is one of my first that exemplifies my thoughts on this subject. Taken on a normal morning when we were out walking the dog. It's a normal moment that is replicated every weekend, but I still like the photo as a photo in itself. 

Mollie and Shadow. Silver gelatin print on fibre based paper.