Sometime colour just works

Photographing in colour is not my usual preference as you can probably see from my galleries page or Instagram feed. I love the way that black and white produces a timeless image that draws the viewer to what’s really important. A black and white image is simple, contains less information but in my opinion, can be more powerful as a result. 

Additionally, I found out when I was young that I'm colour-blind. Quite badly actually, with red and green. Perhaps that's why I just don't feel drawn to colour photos in the same way that I do with black and white. 

But then sometimes that all changes. Sometimes the light is perfect or I see an image by David Allan Harvey or Steve McCurry. Sometimes I get the urge to shoot in colour but I'm usually disappointed. Here is the result of that latest spell of colour photography. It's a picture of my wife in her grandparents house. I guess sometimes colour just seems to work better.