I live in Perth, Western Australia, with my wife, Colleen, and our dog, Mollie (both of whom feature in the 'portraits' gallery). I moved here from London four years ago. Photography has come and gone for me over the years, but feel it is now here to stay. My wife is very creative and she has encouraged me to pursue this project again after a brief hiatus - so if you like any of these photos, you have her to thank.  

Most of the black and white photos - and many of the colour - on this site were taken with good old film, and in the case of the black and white, were developed at home, in the sink, and hung to dry before being scanned. Digital photos still feature, but I much prefer the experience of using film.  

Analogue photography demands a more thorough approach. #Nofilter is not a concept that applies to analogue photography; my black and white images are grainy because of the nature of the film itself and reflects my own aesthetic preference. I like the process of film photography because there is no 'chimping' and you are always thinking about the next shot. This is not a question of film vs digital, it’s just a personal preference. I love the fact that each click of the shutter makes you slow down and think, as every click costs. It makes you take more care and as a result you often get better photos. 

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m a big fan of film and I would encourage anyone to have a go. The cameras are cheap and readily available and let’s face it - you look so much cooler with a film camera!